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How to Use a Bong A bong is water pipe that is used by many people in smoking marijuana, tobacco or other drugs. The world is experiencing a rise in the use of bongs. Many people around the world like using the bong to smoke. There are different sizes as well as designs of the bong. Bongs are also made of different materials. Unlike the traditional wooden bongs, the current ones are either plastic or glass. A bong has three parts, the tube the mouth piece and the place where cannabis or other drugs are placed prior to smoking. The bong operates under a very simple mechanism. The water used inside the tubes of the bong function to filter out heavy particles and water soluble particles. Therefore the smoker will be protected. The function of the water in the bong is similar to that of the cigarette filter. Many people regard the bongs as being safe. Other than the safety issues of the bong, most people use the bong because it seems cool smoking from a water pipe. This is the reason why it is more common among the young people. There are places where these instruments are illegal. The advantages of bongs are quite many. Using a bong is by far one of the best ways to inhale smoke. The bongs are capable of cooling the smoke before inhaling it. This makes it even easier and comforting inhaling the smoke. Getting rid of the toxic substances from the smoke is the main idea behind the water inside the vessel. By this, the smoker’s health is not endangered. This is the reason why the use of water pipes are favored.
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The other benefit is that the smoke produced by the bong is smoother compared to the dry pipes and blunts. The series of filtration that the smoke goes through before reaching the smoker is the reason the smooth nature of the smoke characteristic to the bong. Using a bong is far much easier than the roll ups. Rolling a joint, for example, need some techniques. Unlike the roll ups a bong does not require any technique to use. This is one of the reasons why newcomers are always comfortable with the bong. Newcomers cannot roll joints. The water pipe will then come to their rescue.
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Another benefit of using a bong for smoking is that the smoke delivered is cleaner and tastier. This is so because there are no burning papers. Therefore, the smoke is exclusively pure. It is important to take care of the bongs. These water pipes, like any other instrument, should be thoroughly cleaned after use. This will uphold the performance of the moof. The exclusion of carcinogenic compounds by the bong makes it appropriate for casual use. Other benefits do exist. However, the above are just a few example of the most relevant benefits of using water pipes.